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Matt Prescott - Manager

Scott Gordon - Installation Foreman

David Vine - Installation Foreman

Wellington Studwelders have a range of certified fall protection equipment including safety netting, harnesses, lanyards, static lines and retractors. We also have welding blankets, fire extinguishers and specific Studwelding PPE.

All installers are trained through Sitesafe and Vertical Horizons with NZS23229 as a minimum. Installation foreman are also trained in NZS15757 which means they can identify, construct and maintain height work equipment and fall arrest systems.

Wellington Studwelders is a new division of Wallace Building Contractors Ltd. A specialist concrete and formwork company in business for over 60 years and involved in the construction of over 20 mid to high rise buildings in Wellington.

Wellington Studwelders operate a supply and installation service for all metal tray flooring products. Working with Composite Floor Decks Ltd in Auckland who provide engineering backup, welding consumables and detailed shop drawings Wellington Studwelding we can provide a complete package for your project from flooring design and loadings, supply, installation and through deck shear stud welding to create economical composite floor decks.

We have our own mobile studwelding setup including a 270KvA generator which can site weld shear studs directly to steel beams or through the metal tray flooring to produce a composite floor.

We also can offer the 270Kva Generator for short or long term hire.